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Human Resources

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    Our Human Resources Policy
    Our company culture, which is based on mutual trust and ethical values, is the key to our human resources policy.

    Our fundamental human resources strategy is to create a business environment to build up the motivation and the commitment of the employees, to invest in their professional growth, to preserve this environment by developing the necessary policies and technical knowledge, to attract the well-qualified professionals and to conserve our highly qualified employees.

    Career and Job Opportunities
    Applications made through this channel are only viewed and assessed by Geo Facade Systems Ltd. in complete confidentiality.

    Application and Recruitment Process
    The recruitment process begins when we receive your CV. First, your educational background and work experiences are evaluated and matched with requirements of vacant positions.

    If the information and qualifications provided in your CV are in line with the requirements of the vacant positions, you may be contacted and invited for an interview.

    The CVs that are not matched at this time, are kept in our database for vacant positions available in the future. The candidates are going to be contacted when their qualifications match the requirements.

    After being contacted, our Human Resources specialists conduct structured interviews with our candidates. The results of the interviews are informed to the candidates via e-mail: info@geofacade.ge.

    Thank you for your interest and consideration.