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Health & Safety Management System

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    Health & Safety Management System

    Health and Safety Management at Geo Facade Systems Ltd. starts with the commitment of our executive management. It is regarded as a value from top to bottom within all of Geo Facade Systems Ltd. and competent H&S Supervisor take part at every step of the work activities. H&S Management at Geo Facade Systems Ltd. comes in the form of proactive and reactive approaches. Combination of these approaches ensures total coverage of all steps of this Management System.

    Proactive approach starts with determining, assessing and managing risks. Preliminary Risk Assessments, Job Hazard Analyses and task-based meetings are the main components of Geo Facade Systems Ltd. H&S risk management, while the identified measures as a result of risk assessments are used to prevent incidents. We as Geo Facade Systems Ltd., believe every accident can be prevented with the right mindset, accurate planning and effective actions in place. This is why every activity at Geo Facade Systems Ltd. is evaluated with its associated risks and furthermore; respective procedures are developed according to these analyses. Geo Facade Systems Ltd.

    We believe that a well-established training system is vital to convey Geo Facade Systems Ltd. H&S System to the workforce, which is essential for applicability of our H&S Management System. We have determined the following requirements to be essential for our training system;

    To have a competent training organization,
    To have a detailed training program,
    To have adequate and fit for purpose training facilities.
    Training system that fulfills these 3 requirements, combined with strong procedure backbone helps us achieve “Target Zero”.

    Communication is a key component of our H&S Management. To be able to engage with our employees at all levels, we use different communication techniques and interact with our workforce in their native tongue to overcome any language barriers.

    We do not separate our subcontractors from our own employees. We apply the same set of H&S standards that we hold ourselves accountable to, and expect them to comply with them as well.

    Health and Safety Performance of our projects are monitored very closely in terms of proactive and reactive parameters. Our projects are regularly audited by Corporate HSE Department as well as auditing institutions and the results of these audits are evaluated by project and corporate management.

    Incident investigation and reporting is essential part of our Management System to prevent further incidents. For this purpose all incidents are closely and thoroughly investigated to determine their root causes. Following the investigation process, “Lessons Learnt” from the incident are developed and shared with all Geo Facade Systems Ltd. Organization to ensure necessary precautions are taken.

    The experience we have gained and lessons we have learnt from previous incidents has culminated in determining of Geo Facade Systems Ltd. 12 Life Critical Activites. Risks associated with these activites are expected to be managed effectively.


    Health of our employees is our utmost importance.

    Occupational Health & Hygiene procedures are one of the 5 main categories of Geo Facade Systems Ltd. H&S System.

    Activites regarding Health and Hygiene are conducted in compliance with the procedures under this category.